The Joseph Hall Graham Family

Joseph Hall Graham was born May 18, 1848 to Spencer Corp Graham ad Nancy Venters Graham in Denton County, Texas. Both of his parents died in the mid to late 1860s. Joseph married Marianne (or Marian) Elizabeth Johnson of Tarrant County, Texas in 1879. The census in 1880 shows them to be living in Young … Continue reading The Joseph Hall Graham Family

The Causey Brothers

The Causey brothers were formerly buffalo hunters. The big lumbering buffalo were hunted in the southwest to the point where they declined from a peak of over 100 million animals to near extinction in only a few decades during the late 1800s. Likely the best known Causey brother went by George Causey, though his given … Continue reading The Causey Brothers


This community is situated about 5 miles south of Hobbs. There is some indication that it was formerly known as Roberts, but its first postmaster was James Henry Elijah Hughes who named it for his youngest daughter Nadine. The name was accepted by the Postal Service and still is associated with it today. Nadine had … Continue reading Nadine