An Advertising Balloon Gets Loose

Creation of Lea County

Fire at the Buckeye Gasoline Plant

Founding of Eunice

Founding of Jal

Founding of Tatum

Hat Ranch

High Lonesome Ranch

Hobbs and New Hobbs

Hobbs’ First Teacher

Joe Cooper Recalls Early Days In Jal

Joseph C. Lea, Namesake of Lea County

Lea County Fair and Rodeo

The Linam Buffalo Herd

The Monument in Monument

“Uncle Bill” Oden Talks About the Old Days

Old Baldy

Open Range Cowboy Association

Pioneer Woman Tells of First Days of Jal

Power’s Motel

Rededication of World War II Memorial (1950)

Tootie Schnaubert and Tootie’s Cashway

Deputy Jack Seay

William Rufus Shafter and the Monument

Discovery of Oil:

Oil Discovery in Jal

Oil Discovery in Hobbs