Selected obituaries transcribed from newspaper accounts. The ten most recent obituaries posted: Wiilliam Middleton Nelson “Bob” Beverly, Minnie Hobbs Byers, Ruford F. Madera, Malcolm Richard Madera, Pearl Richmond Madera, Rufus Frederick Madera, Mary Ellen Seay, Thomas W. (Jack) Seay, Mary Sue Shortes, V. M. Shortes.


Akin, James Norman

Allen, Andrew

Anderson, Brookie Lee

Baley, Joy

Berry, Dan C.

Beverly, William Middleton Nelson “Bob”

Bingham, T. P.

Borroughs [Boroughs], J. E.

Byers, Minnie Hobbs

Caldwell, Hoyt

Campbell, Charles L.

Carson, Mrs. J. N.

Causey, Thomas Leander “George”

Cates, W. S.

Clifton, J. M.

Cole, Lewelyn

Connell, Dora Anderson

Conover, Roy

Cooper, Alaska J.

Cooper, Samuel R.

Crawford, A. J.

Cutshall, Mrs. O. H.

Danglade, Frank Jack

Dickson, Russell

Dilbrey, William Robert

Duncan, M. L. “Grandpa”

Eidson, Millard

Eidson, Robert Boyce

Eidson, Scharbauer

Etcheverry, Pello


Faunsworth, William

Fort, Claudie A.

Fort, William Herman

Fowler, Cora

Franklin, Marshall

Franklin, Oliver Gene “Zip”

Gillett, Dr. Hilton W.

Graham, Joseph Jefferson “Jody”

Griffin, James A.

Harper, Mrs. W. E. “Cleo”

Hicks, Lt. C. M.

Hicks, Nora Ellen Martin

Hobbs, Mrs. Ellen

Holloway, A. J.

Houston, Sam


Knowles, Mary Elizabeth

Knowles, Ruben Benjamin

Lee, Dr. Dorothy

Lewis, Clifford

Linam, Ellie Elizabeth Thorp

Love, Robert Florence

Madera, Pearl Richmond

Madera, Ruford F.

Madera, Rufus Frederick

Marshall, W. S.

Martin, Rome

Martinez, Ignacio “Nacho”

McBryde, Annie Laura

McClure, Jake

McClure, Pat

McQuerry, James W.

Miller, T. N. “Shorty”

Mooney, Edward


Palmer, Emily Jean

Pope, T. D.

Record, Henry S.

Richardson, Granville A.

Robinson, Emma

Runnels, Harold Lowel

Rushing, James Leon

Sawyer, Dessie Lewis

Sawyer, Fern

Sawyer, U. D.

Scott, Arthur Theodore

Seay, Mary Ellen

Seay, Thomas W. (Jack)

Shortes, Mary Sue

Shortes, V. M.

Smith, Raymond Lloyd

Stetson, Frank

Tatum, James Green

Taylor, Mrs. H. N.

Townsend, Oscar Norton


Whitten, Henreitta

Wood, Mrs. Myrtle

Woolworth, C. D.

Yearwood, Bess

Yearwood, C. C. “Cliff”

If you have an obituary that you would like to see listed here, we need a copy of the clipping and the source information (the newspaper it was published in and the date it was published). Sorry, we prefer not to transcribe items from other sources.