John Thomas Easley and Lorena Lee Anderson

When this couple married in Post, Texas in the 1920s, the wedding united to families who were early settlers in the area that became Lea County. John Thomas Easley was one of eight children born to Robert Henry Easley (1864 -1928) and Rosa Belle Jones Easley (1873 – 1962). The other children included Minnie, Levie, Charlie, Blanche, Ruth, Jack and R. H., Jr. Robert Henry and Rosa lived in several locations, mostly within the current boundaries of Lea County, including Monument, Plainview, Hagerman and a few miles north of Lovington before returning to Post, Garza County, Texas where they would remain for a number of years. Robert Henry died in Littlefield in 1928 and Rosa survived him almost thirty five years before she passed away in Post.

John Thomas was born in 1899 in Oklahoma where the family was living at the time. He grew up mostly in Post and also lived in Lovington. He and Lorena married in Post in 1921.

Lorena was the second child born to James Smith Anderson (1873 – 1930) and Minnie Myrtle Stringer Anderson (1881 – 1967). The other children were W. A. (Bill), Preston Pond, Roy Lewis. James and Minnie also came to the area in 1906, settling on a place about four miles east of Lovington. Their property included two dry lakes at the time. The lakes eventually filled up during an extended rainy period. These later became known as Easley’s Lakes to county residents. James died in 1930 and Minnie Myrtle survived him another thirty-seven years. After James died, J. T. and Lorena moved to the county to operate the Anderson ranch and lived there for the rest of their lives.

The couple was active in the community and the county. J. T. served on several boards and area groups including serving as County Commissioner in the 1960s and as President of the county fair board during the time when the McClure Arena was conceived and built.

Sources include various genealogy resources, newspaper archives and Lea County Genealogical Society’s “Then and Now – Lea County Families, Volume 1” published by Waldworth Publishing Company, 1979.