Henry Harada Named Lea County Conservation Farmer of the Year (1969)

The Lea County second water Conservation District Board of Supervisors have selected Henry Harada as Conservation Farmer for 1969.

Henry was born and raised at Rocky Ford, Colorado. In 1942 he went into the armed services where he served until 1945. In 1946 he married Amy Watanave, also from Colorado.

Henry farmed one year at Rocky Ford after he left the service before moving to Lea County in February 1948.

He purchased 1200 acres of land which was all in sod. He now operates about 906 acres. His cropping system consists of alfalfa, cotton, oats, grain sorghum and vegetables in rotation. Vegetables are made up of onions, peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, peas, beans, cantaloupe, squash, okra and cucumbers. Crops are staggered so that each is coming off at different times of the year. This permits best of irrigation, with each having a different time of the year for peak irrigation.

In 1956 Henry laid 4 mile of concrete ditch. Since that time he has continued to install permanent irrigation practices to improve the efficiency of his irrigation. He now has nearly two miles of concrete ditch and 1/2 mile of underground irrigation pipeline installed.

Henry has many market outlets for his produce. He markets small vegetables at Midland, Clovis Lubbock and Hobbs. Onions are transported to Rocky Ford, Colorado. Labor does not seem to be a problem in Henry’s operation. Most of his hands live in or around Lovington. He employs 60 to 70 hands during cantaloupe harvest. He employs school kids during the summer months. He keeps six hands employed year around.

Henry is a member of Farm Bureau and the Chamber of Commerce. He has been a member of the Chamber for five years.

His wife Amy is very active in the Methodist Church and is a member of the Woman’s Club. Both belong to bowling leagues.

[Lovington Daily Leader, Lovington, NM. 4 Dec 1969.]

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