Humble City

The community of Humble City is located about five miles northwest of the edge of Hobbs on Highway 18 at the intersection with West Alabama Street. It took its name from the Humble Oil and Refining Company. Humble Oil was founded in 1911 in Harris County, Texas and also gave its name to the town of Humble, Texas, northeast of Houston.

Standard Oil of New Jersey acquired a one half interest in Humble in 1919 and the brand completely disappeared in 1959 after Standard Oil bought the other half in a merger that gave rise to Exxon (now Exxon Mobil).

Humble oil company did a good bit of exploration in the early days of the Hobbs oilfield. Humble City was founded about 1930 and had a post office for about 46 years.

Roswell Daily Record, May 31, 1930

Humble City did not blossom as much as the article had predicted, but it is still on the map.

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