John Scharbauer

John Scharbauer (1854 – 1941) was a long time ranch owner in the area. The family name is a familiar one to people from Lea County. In commemoration of his birthday, a number of his friends got together and honored him, as noted below.

Loving Cup Inscribed in Gold Given Scharbauer by Friends

“Going Strong Since 1851 – 83 Years of Service”

This inscription in raised, gold letters appears on an attractive loving cup which was presented Christmas Day to John Scharbauer by Walter B. Scott as a birthday gift from 15 of his oldtime friends. Scharbauer, cattleman, well known to stock men of West Texas, will be 83 years old Friday. Also on the cup which bears Scharbauer’s name is the wording “A Pioneer, a Patriot, a Splendid Citizen and Loyal Friend.”

Besides Scott, those who joined in the presentation of the gift were J. Lee Johnson Sr. W. E. Connell, Hugh Rigers, Guy L. Waggoner, T. Z. Hamm, W. O. Shultz, E. B. Spiller, M. C. Ulmer, T. B. Yarbrough, W. C. Stonestreet and Amon G. Carter, all of Fort Worth; Millard Eidson and Dick Lee, Lovington, N. M. and Clarence Scharbauer, Midland.

Scharbauer, who has an office on the first floor of the Worth Building, still loves the range. He frequently takes horseback rides and can “outride” many men much younger.

In 1880 he came to West Texas and seven years later moved to Midland. Although Fort Worth is his home, he spends several weeks each year at Midland where he has a ranch and cattle interests and where many of his oldtime friends are located. Born in Indian Fields, N. Y., by the time he had reached 28 he accumulated what he thought was a small fortune, $2,000, and went to Abilene in a covered wagon. There he entered the sheep business.

His first enterprise in Texas was successful and at one time he was the owner of more than 20,000 sheep.

In 1890 Connell Brothers and Scharbauer organized a private bank at Midland which was the beginning of the present First National Bank of that city. Several years ago there was a false report circulated in Midland and a “run” on the bank started. Scharbauer and Marvin Ulmer, cashier, chartered an airplane in Fort Worth and took $100,000 in currency to the Midland bank and stacked it on the counter. They invited customers to “come and get it,” but instead, they walked out, leaving their deposits.

Almost 43 years ago Scharbauer began raising cattle. He decided Herefords were the best breeds for his section and he is a pioneer in the development of that breed around Midland County. His registered herds have gained worldwide attention.

Clarence Scharbauer, his partner and owner of the hotel that bears his name at Midland, now manages their ranching interests. He is a nephew of John Scharbauer. They have ranch interests in New Mexico, and Midland, Martin, Gaines and Andrews Counties.

Scharbauer is a director in the First National Banks of Midland and Fort Worth.

[Source: Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Fort Worth, Texas), 26 Dec 1934.]


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